Terms of Service at Padnos Gallery
Opening reception: September 3, 2015, 5-7pm
The show will be on view from August 31 - September 15
Stuart and Barbara Padnos Gallery
Grand Valley State University
Allendale, Michigan

Terms of Service is an exhibition that explores identity, individualism and conditions people face as a result of our increasingly indexed and surveilled lives. The exhibition addresses the psychological pressures that commercial and non-commercial monitoring creates, as well as potential solutions or responses. The show was on view earlier this year at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts during Art.Downtown and DisArts festival. It is returning for a second installation run at GVSU’s Allendale Campus. It will be the first show in the Padnos Gallery for the fall exhibition season.

Terms of Service includes work from artists: Liat Berdugo, Justin Blinder, Nick Briz, Jon Chambers, Karen Y. Chan, Robert Derr, Benjamin Grosser, Tara Hutton, Krzysztof Lower, Lauren McCarthy, Kyle McDonald, Owen Mundy, Cybil Scott, Levi Sherman, Annie Teall

Next week on E.S.P. TV
As part of ACRE TV Takeover
Airing June 1, 2015: Episodes 1-10
E.S.P. TV #4:

Were the Eye Not Sunlike
April 1 - May 31, 2015
Digital: ACRE TV
Physical: Fernwey Gallery, Chicago, IL
Opening reception at Fernwey on April 3, 6-9pm
Download exhibition publication here

The Unknown, by Karen Y. Chan (video projection, Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts)

Exhibit Catalog, Terms of Service at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts

Terms of Service
March 30 - April 17, 2015
Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts
2 Fulton West
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Opening reception on April 3, 5-7pm
The exhibit will be open during Art.Downtown on April 10, 6-11pm

Prism Pipe at Pehrspace
Visual music and live film score event
January 19, 2015, 8pm
325 Glendale Blvd
Echo Park
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Videorover: Season 9 at NURTUREart Gallery
December 6-21, 2014
Closing reception on the 20th at 7pm
56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

My most recent curatorial project launches online
Works on view until May 2014
Participating artists: Zack Bent, Andrew Binkley, Yoon Cho, Steve Cossman, Bryant Davis, Max Gleason, Faith Holland, Jane V Hsu, Kera MacKenzie, A. Bill Miller, Jeroen Nelemans, Heidi C. Neubauer, Paul O'Donoghue, Renzo Ortega, Charmaine Ortiz, Laura Simpson, Hyla Skopitz, Simone Stoll, Ellen Wetmore, James Woodward, and Frank Zadlo

Video Vaudeville Presents at M23/Miami
December 5-7, 2013
11am-7pm daily screenings
3841 NE 2nd Avenue, Su 400
Miami, FL 33137
Featuring works by: Francis Alÿs, Karen Y. Chan, Claire Ellen Corey, Jeremy Couillard, Dustin Dennis, Gjellokio, Will Joines, Rachel Mason, Sophia Peer, Joe Quinn, SKOTE, Scott Patrick Wiener, Matthew C. Wilson, Brian Zegeer and Ian Colletti

E.S.P. TV at Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019
Episodes 1-21 on display through February 2013
My video Uncertainty is featured in Episode 4

E.S.P. TV Limited Edition Box Set at Printed Matter
Featuring Episodes 1-21
Releasing at Chelsea Sound
Saturday, October 27, 2012, 5pm
Printed Matter
195 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
My video Uncertainty is featured in E.S.P. TV Episode 4

Me Pix: Picturing Ourselves in Video and Photography
Rochester Contemporary Art Center
October 5 - November 18, 2012
Opening reception: October 5, 6-10pm
137 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14604
"Karen Y. Chan uses simple gestures, brief moments and media fragments to create transfixing and meditative works. Me Pix includes Open/Close, a video portrait of Chan's own lips continually mouthing. The deeply saturated grainy video transferred from super 8mm offers a close-up look at just a pair of lips, their emotion can only be guessed at."

Videorover: Season 4
NURTUREart Gallery
June 1 - December 14, 2012
Opening reception: Friday, June 1, 7-9pm
56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
NURTUREart is pleased to present the fourth installment of the semi-annual series: Videorover. Curated by Rachel Steinberg, Videorover: Season 4 features artists: Karen Chan, Wojciech Gilewicz, Janne Höltermann, Michael Iauch, Alban Muja, Patrik Qvist, Saki Sato, Susanne Slavick + Andrew Johnson, and Marco Strappato.
NURTUREart catalog

The Queens International 2012 reviewed by Hyperallergic (excerpt)
"The exhibit wasn’t heavy on new media, dominated by sculpture, painting, collage and photography, but the video work caught my attention. Sam Clagnaz‘s Behold (2011) was seven minutes of constant surprise with sacred and silly imagery (my favorite was a monster hand typing at a keyboard) that was done in a handmade, yet obviously meticulous way. Karen Y. Chan‘s Myths (2011) video had metallic shapes pulsing like an organism under a microscope, Adam Shecter‘s BCAST Clip Show (2008-11) was a frenzy of spliced animation and William Santen sang with a the banjo in a bathtub in A Song for You (2011), his hair wet and the sound synched off just enough to make what could have been an odd music video into a play on honesty."

The Audible Picture Show
Curated by Matt Hulse
reRun Theater
May 8, 2012, 7pm
147 Front Street, Mezzanine
Brooklyn, NY 11201
"A NYC style work-out for the mind's eye featuring audio pieces by Karen Y. Chan, Holger Mohaupt, Beverley Hood, Momus, Daniel Padden, Nicola Atkinson Does Fly, Gerald Straub, Zoe Irvine, Liz Wendelbo and the premiere of a new work by Kaitlin Prest and Mitra Kaboli."

Flux Factory's Not-So-Silent Art Auction & Gala
Center 548
December 20, 2011, 7-10pm
548 W 22nd St
New York, NY 10011

Under the Subway Video Art Night
Local Project Art Space
May 28, 2011, 8:30pm
40-10 Davis Street
Long Island City, NY

E.S.P. TV #4
Produced by Louis V.E.S.P.
June 21, 2011
Live recording at The Schoolhouse in Brooklyn, NY
To be aired on Time Warner 57/ 83 RCN / MNN3

Hyperallergic reviews I Fall, I Flow, I Melt (excerpt)
"I Fall, I Flow, I Melt was curated by Karen Y. Chan and showed a hypnotic and highly suggestive group of work that played with video, light, and sound. Artists like Yoon Cho, Frank Zadlo or even Chan herself, created elegant works that may have not been easy to read but they drew me in and encouraged me to decode them even in the midst of this laid back and casual festival."

I Fall, I Flow, I Melt makes L Magazine's Top 10 List

Pursuit: Failure (symposium catalog)
Berlin, Germany

So The Day
Curated by Indecisive Moment
Brooklyn Fireproof East
September 18, 2010
119 Ingraham St
Brooklyn, NY

Synthetic Zero
July 3 and 7, 2010
305 E. 140th St., #1A
Bronx NY 10454

Karen Y. Chan leads a super 8mm filmmaking workshop at Arario Gallery

Invisibility: Captured on Super 8mm Film
Workshop with Karen Y. Chan
Arario Gallery
July 22, 2010, 7pm
521 West 25th Street
New York, NY
Reviewed on Arario Gallery's blog

Irrelevant: Local Emerging Asian Artists Who Don't Make Work About Being Asian
Arario Gallery
July 1 - August 6, 2010
521 West 25th Street
New York, NY

Seven Easy Steps
Horton Gallery
May 27, 2010
504 West 22nd Street
Parlor Level
New York, NY 10011

The EYE-KEA Project
Basement Project Space
April 16-25, 2010
Camden Place, Camden Quay
Cork City, Ireland